A hairy situation

For a long time now, men that choose to keep their hair long are seen as effeminate. The stigma associated with this look is having a negative effect on what is seen as the ‘male stereotype’ – a ‘real’ man with big muscles etc. Even the New Testament addresses the issue. Continue reading


Painting it red

I was recently invited to one of my closest friend’s 20th birthday party. It wasn’t so much of a party as it was heading out to the nightclub he promotes to hang out for the night. I wasn’t overly excited at the idea of spending the best of part of my night and early morning in some loud, smelly nightclub that sold overpriced drinks and was jam-packed full of ‘brusses’ and stuck-up ‘princesses’. It was my mate’s birthday celebration though, so I obliged.

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Very inspiring blogger award


So I’m a week into my blogging experience and I have to admit, it’s fun. It’s really fun. Fun to the extent that I pretty much check in a couple times each day just to see what’s happened in the past few hours. I love seeing that little notification icon turn orange, letting me know that someone somewhere in the world has seen what I’ve been doing here at Everything In Between.

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Into the painted grey

Layer upon layer of grey paint surrounding one small speck of untouched canvas.

Before me lay a path clouded. I look but cannot see.

I feel tired and exhausted yet awake and alert. I feel the enticing whisper of sleep, defied only by my mind’s subtle reminder of a mystery unsolved.

Frame of Mind
If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? 
What would it depict? – A Daily Prompt by The Daily Post

The future of inexperienced students

Looking back on my schooling years, I wonder if students investigating options regarding their future are qualified enough to do so. I understand and agree that each individual should make his or her own decisions as to what they want to do with their life, but with so much inexperience it’s difficult for one to make an informed decision. Continue reading

Living in a land down under

The Australian new wave rock group Men At Work released their hit song, ‘Down Under’, in 1980. Topping charts around the world, their song solidified an image into the minds of many the essence of Australia. Attractive women, storms that force you to seek shelter, the endless flow of beer and of course, vegemite sandwiches. The land of plenty offers much to its inhabitants, enticing those from far and wide to experience it for themselves. Continue reading

I’ve got a thing for you

So I’ve just started this thing. A thing like many of my other things which I may get bored of playing with. A thing like many other things which might be left in the past and forgotten about. This thing may not be the best thing out there, but it’s my thing. It’s my thing that I can do with as I please. This thing that I can infuse my emotions, opinions, beliefs, regrets, dreams, and more in to. Continue reading