The coffee situation

Coffee is great. I’ve never really been a big drinker of coffee but lately I’ve been having it more often, probably to keep me awake to power through these textbooks. To be honest I don’t have any idea on the differences between a latte and a flat white, or any other coffee in fact, I just end up choosing what sounds good in the moment. Terrible, I know.

I like my coffee sweet, which I guess doesn’t really make me a coffee drinker, considering that my favourite type of coffee usually doesn’t have any water in it – all milk with two sugars. I’ve begun merging into the realm of ‘a dash of milk’, instead filling most of my cup with hot water, and so far it’s been pretty good. I do seem to get really jittery half-way through a cup though. I’m putting it down to the two sugars I have, so maybe I should cut back on that – but then how do I maintain the sweetness? I don’t know, maybe coffee just isn’t for me. If one thing’s for certain though, it certainly helps me focus.


Hot chips and rainy days

It’s inevitable. Sooner or later we all must suffer inconsiderate weather. It seems that whenever we want it to rain, it never does and when we don’t want it to rain, lo and behold, it rains. Me personally? I like the rain. I like the overcast days with a light drizzle. To me, it’s a sleep-in, followed by a slow, meaningless day where everybody just keeps on truckin’ (well, at least when I’ve got nothing else to do).

One of the most difficult decisions to be made on days like these revolve around food. It can be hard trying to find something that’ll fill that hole in your stomach and also keep you warm. Living only a 5 minute walk to the fish and chip shop definitely has it’s benefits. A few dollars is all it takes to eradicate any sign of hunger that was there previously. Not to mention there aren’t any dishes to clean up afterwards.

Yep, gotta love hot chips…