Right back at it again

I’ve been slacking with my content recently. I know that I have issues sticking with something – usually I get excited about a certain thing only to stop doing it a few weeks later, a problem which I’m making a concerted effort in stopping. So here’s me trying to get back on the blogging horse.

Another semester of uni has started and here I am, sitting in one of the labs blogging. I’m a few weeks in and I’m up to date with all the work that is required. Not to worry though, there’ll be plenty of work to do in the coming weeks with increased workloads due to assignments, exams and tutorial exercises to complete. Students’ expectations of themselves are near-always set higher than they should be. I, like many of my peers, will set goals for myself over the coming weeks as I try to keep up to date with the required workload. Sometimes though, we stray from the path…

Considering that I was very late signing on for classes due to a program transfer, I ended up with a timetable that isn’t all that bad. By no means is it what I’d like to have, but I managed to limit my required attendance at uni to three days a week, thereby giving me two days to work. It seems that I’ve also managed to get some decent people for my assignment groups, so this semester shouldn’t be too bad provided I don’t slack off part-way through.

For me, focusing on the work at hand is difficult. It’s probably just my attitude towards the whole university experience. Where the student has to pay to study in an environment full of distractions it’s no wonder that there’s always something else I’d rather be doing. At the start of the year I transferred to UQ, a choice that I’m extremely happy with. The setting here is much easier for me to work in, there are more facilities of better quality and I have friends here that see often – a luxury I didn’t have at my prior university. All in all it adds for what I think is a more productive environment…if you choose it to be. Yet here I am blogging instead of going back over my lecture notes. Typical me.


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