A hairy situation

For a long time now, men that choose to keep their hair long are seen as effeminate. The stigma associated with this look is having a negative effect on what is seen as the ‘male stereotype’ – a ‘real’ man with big muscles etc. Even the New Testament addresses the issue.

Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him, but if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her?…

1 Corinthians 11:15

Silly filters and blank expressions

Times change.

The ’70s bore the last era of popularity among long hair on men. These days it’s rare to spot a man with hair long enough to challenge a woman’s. After I finished grade 12 of school I decided to grow my hair out. In just under a year my hair reached past my shoulders, having had only two trims in order to tidy up the mass around my face.

After a little over a year I had fully experienced what it was like to have long hair. Though I thoroughly enjoyed it, there were a few drawbacks…

  1. Being a ‘man’
    As I said above, men with long hair tend to be seen as more effeminate than a short haired man would. An issue made even more dramatic if you resemble a 6ft tall stick, as I do. If you’re in a band or you’re a celebrity though, it’s okay, people will accept it.
  2. Hair falling out
    Every day, single hairs fall off your head. It’s just that they’re more noticeable with longer hair. I’d walk around the house and see my hair laying on the tiles all over the place. It’s not fun seeing that every day.

    Pro-tip: Never use a rubber band as a hair tie. I learnt the hard way!

  3. Hair drying
    I used to hate getting my hair wet because I knew how much of a pain it would be to dry it. I’ve never owned a blow-dryerwhich probably would’ve helped, but drying my hair by towel every morning lost it’s appeal very quickly. I could never get it completely dry. Always having to wait for it to air-dry after using a towel before I could be seen by other people.
  4. Bad hair days
    I know your pain. Those days when your hair just won’t cooperate with you at all. Constantly trying to fix it or hide it throughout the day, but in the end it’s a lost cause. Then again though, there are always great-hair days, when you barely have to do anything throughout the day to maintain your perfect hair style.
  5. The heat
    I went back to short hair around mid-summer. It was so hot and it really didn’t help having a lot of hair acting as a blanket for my face. I tried tied it back but it got a bit too much for me, especially having to deal with the above at the same time.

So yes, there are some drawbacks to having long hair, but it can be so, so good sometimes. From feeling the tickle at your neck when you turn your head to the various styles you can adopt to suit any given situation. I know it’s only hair, but it allowed me to express myself in a somewhat unique fashion.

I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll grow my hair out again and hopefully then I’ll experiment a bit more with it. Even if it does have it’s downsides, having long hair is a pretty sweet experience.





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