I’ve got a thing for you

So I’ve just started this thing. A thing like many of my other things which I may get bored of playing with. A thing like many other things which might be left in the past and forgotten about. This thing may not be the best thing out there, but it’s my thing. It’s my thing that I can do with as I please. This thing that I can infuse my emotions, opinions, beliefs, regrets, dreams, and more in to.

Things are important in life. A thing can be anything; literally anything. The thing you use to brush your teeth? The thing that holds your clothes to the clothesline? The thing you’re reading right now? Every single day we’re confronted with things. Things that make us happy and sad; and angry and scared.

People will react differently to each other when subject to a certain thing. In most cases, it’s not how others act or react; It’s how you, as an individual person react when subject to a thing. Every single day you’re confronted with things. And every single day other people judge you on how you cope with things. Does reading this make you happy? Sad? Angry? Scared? My personal things that I type into this thing will have an influence on you, the reader. An influence that will, undoubtedly, change from person to person.

The things that I’ve been doing these last 20 years can be summarised by just that, things. Things that every day people judge me on. Things that make me happy and sad; and angry and scared. Things that I hope you and others will experience in this thing called Life.


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